19 May 2013

As Napoleon said ...

"The Moral is to the Material as Three to One" ...or as the Taliban said about the American exit strategy, "You may have the clock, but we have the time."

Now read this:
Drone pilot burnout triggers call for recruiting overhaul
Nidhi Subbaraman NBC News
May 17, 2013 at 4:15 AM ET
Driving a war drone is a stressful business. Shifts up to 12 hours long are stretches of dullness, watching and waiting, interrupted by flashes of intense activity in which pilots must make life-or-death decisions. Not their own life or death, however.
Pilots may be thousands of miles away from the flying weapons system they're operating. They often head home at the end of the day, as if returning from any other office job, maybe picking up milk on the way. But while at work, their drones' onboard cameras put them in a unique position to watch people being killed and injured as a direct result of their actions.
As psychologists learn more about the mental scarring warfare leaves on drone pilots — caused by long shift hours, isolation, witnessing casualties and those Jekyll-and-Hyde days split between battlefield and home — experts from within the U.S. Air Force are calling for a review of drone pilot selection. ... continued