12 November 2014

The Struggle for Palestine (update)

I am pleased to announce the publication of a new page on this website devoted to the historical essays of William R. Polk, a well known historian specializing in the Middle East and a good friend.  The initial set of three essays is his recent series, The Struggle for Palestine.  Together, these essays amount to a small book and provide very useful background for anyone interested in understanding this intractable problem.  They are downloadable in pdf format.

However, before reading them, I would urge readers to watch this one hour video. It is about two years old, having been posted on Youtube on 2 December 2012.  The speaker is an Israeli and son of one of Israel's legendary generals.  It is one of the best video summaries of the struggle for Palestine that I have ever seen (h/t to James P. Stevenson for bringing this to my my attention.)